How Biometric Visitor Management Solutions work?



Biometric visitor management is one the most advanced forms of security systems installed at the premises of every government and corporate organizations. Thousands of large scale industries and corporate bodies widely depend on this system for controlling their large number of visitors. The system is getting more advanced with the invention of latest techniques, hardware and software. Day by day, new techniques and software have been invented that increase the usability and accessibility of the device. Here, we are going to discuss how JustLook biometric visitor management solutions work for providing extreme security at the premise.

We know that the solution is based on biometric JustLook facial recognition system which captures different facial parameters of the visitor. This technology allows the users to record all the minute patterns including the distance of the eyes, shape of jaw line, size of cheek bone, width of nose and many other facial features of every visitor. It not only captures the facial features, but also transforms them into a 3D graphic image for future verification. Thus, it provides extreme security along detailed information of each visitor entering the premise.

Along with its advanced algorithm of face recognition, it is compatible with high tech device like HD camera for capturing the facial features. The effective cameras installed at the premise capture every moment of the visitor from different perspectives. Thus, it provides high quality results to the users with no time. The only thing that this device need is a proper place of installation from where it can easily and effectively capture the faces of visitors.

Above algorithm and high tech hardware device, biometric visitor management solutions also need user friendly software for operating the system. The users can also add appointments for their different visitors. Also there is software which helps the user to restrict the entry of unwanted visitors. The users can also generate detailed report in a graphical form.

Thus, biometric visitor management solutions work on a complete blend of its highly reliable algorithm, advanced devices and user friendly software.


How to Find Reliable IT Security Solution Provider



It is vital for every organization to install proper security solutions at their premises for preventing anti social activities. Nowadays, JustLook face recognition system is considered to be the most popular and widely accepted IT solution across the world. It is also available in different variations that are developed to meet specific requirements of different organizations. Some of the organizations need to record the time attendance of their employees in order to track their punctuality. So they required installing face recognition system with time attendance variation which helps them to record the working standards and work allotment of their employees. And this ultimately increases the productivity and efficiency of their employees as well as organization.

JustLook Biometric face recognition time attendance is designed to meet all the criteria of the companies who want to track the time and attendance of their employees for payroll basis. But before installing high quality biometric face recognition time attendance for your company, it is necessary to find a reputed IT security solution provider in your area. If you failed to find a reliable and reputed IT solution provider in your nearest area, then you can take the effective services of internet. Nowadays, World Wide Web becomes the most popular platform for finding different means. You just need to browse one of the best search engines and type your keywords i.e. face recognition and you will get a long list of reputed companies offering highly effective biometric solution.

After finding a list of reputed companies, you need to check the credibility of the company. And for this you have to read the reviews of potential customers of that company. If you found that your selected IT security provider company is reliable, then it is advisable for you to deal with the company. Moreover, the companies are also providing 24X7 customers care support for grievances and complaints. Thus, you can easily find a trustworthy face recognition solution company by using internet.

How to Get Better Result with Biometric Face Recognition Time Attendance



Biometric solutions are becoming the most important means of security for millions of organizations in the world. Nowadays, many corporate organizations, banks, government offices and large scale industries tend to install biometric security solutions at their premises in order to secure it from unwanted access or theft. Also, the security solutions are available in wide range of varieties including time attendance system, access control and visitor management. JustLook biometric face identification is the only one biometric solution which is compatible with the above mentioned three systems. It can be fully customized to cope up with the requirements of different security solutions and software.

If your company is in need of JustLook face recognition at your premise, then it is liable for the company get better results from this advanced system. It may happen that the device failed to capture facial features due to the exposure of sunlight or inefficient light. Besides this, the quality of the image may also be damaged if the camera is exposing to direct sunlight. You need to install the device in a proper direction at a sunlight proof indoor area for capturing the human faces with high accuracy. And for providing proper lightening at the indoor area, you can mount tube lights or lamps on the walls of the premises. Thus, this system needs good lighting conditions for providing high quality results.

Along with proper lightening conditions, it also requires Local Area Network (LAN) connectivity for capturing faces effectively. As the data captured by the device is stored in a computer database, it is necessary for the company to have proper LAN connectivity at their premises. In addition to all these important requirements, the company should also have sufficient power back up facilities. Thus, whenever power failure conditions may arise, this facility can help the organization to provide effective security solutions.

Hence, the company must need to implement the above mentioned requirements in order to get better and high quality results for securing the premise.


Role of Face Recognition Technology for Controlling Access of a Premise



Today, a wide range of biometric security solutions are available in the market. If you want to control unwanted access of your premise, then you must need to install JustLook face recognition system at your premise. Face recognition technology is considered to be the top most biometric security solution these days. The technology gets even more reliable and advanced when it merged with access control system. Today, face recognition technology is playing a major role in controlling unauthorized access of any premise. Unlike other biometric security solutions, this solution provides high level of security with utmost accuracy. Thus, if you want to secure your premise completely, then it is advisable to install JustLook face recognition access system.

  • This technology requires camera for capturing the human faces of every person accessing the premise. Camera captures the facial patterns of every person and stores them in its computer database. This is called the registering process of the security solution.
  • After registering the facial patterns of an individual, the system transforms the entire image in to a specific code which ultimately becomes the identity of the person. The device as well as the users can also identify the person by using the provided code.
  • It allows entry of a person only after verifying its facial patterns. If the facial patterns do not match with its already stored database, then it restricts the entry of that person.
  • The system records different facial parameters of a person which are invariable with the changing time. Shape of jaw line, size of cheek bones, depth of eye sockets, and distance between eyes, shape and size of the nose are some of the most important facial features which remain constant with the passage of time.
  • So whenever a person visits the premise regularly or at a particular interval or after long time period, this security solution identifies the person accurately with the image already stored in its database.
  • Also, it is not possible for a person to spoof the system by wearing sunglasses, wig, beard or any other playful objects.

Variations of Biometric Face Identification



JustLook Biometric face identification is getting immense popularity these days. It is widely used in hundreds of corporate organizations, government sectors and industries for protecting their premises. This system is getting more advanced with respect to the inventions of latest applications and technologies. With the increasing usage of this system, it is necessary for the security solution providers like JustLook introduce different measurements as per the requirements of their clients. Different clients require different security measurements such as time attendance, access control, visitor management etc. Thus, by blending face recognition technology with these measurements, security solution providers offer different variations of this system. Lets us understand them in detail.


Face recognition time attendance: this system is a complete mix of face detection technology and time attendance. It is mostly used in small to large scale corporate organizations to record the punctuality of their employees. Each employee has to pass through this security system for recording his attendance, working hours and many other factors related to human resources. This technology can also account paid leaves, sick leaves, over time and under time of every employee.

Face recognition access control: for securing highly sensitive area, this technique is widely used across the world. Many government sectors and corporate organizations need to protect their secret data with the help of proper means of security. And access control through JustLook face recognition is the best way to protect their premises accurately. This technology grants permission only those employees who are registered with the application. The authority can also create the list of blacklisted employees who are not allowed to access their premises. This further increases the security level of the organization.

Face recognition visitor management: those organizations that are regularly facing a large wave of visitors need this system. It automatically detects new visitors and records it in its database and automatically identifies repeat visitors that are already stored in its records. The authority can also generate report of their visitors at regular time intervals. It also has different features that allow notification at the time of arrival of visitors, confirmation of their appointments and many others.

How to Secure Building by Face Recognition Access Control Systems



In this world of modern technology JustLook Visitor management system is only technique which is used worldwide to manage large number of visitors. It allows the administration department to know about every visitor visited their premises. It also enables the time the spent by each visitor inside the premises and many other details. Generally it is used where visitor’s record is necessary like government offices, hospitals, airports, etc. In this system face recognition is done by scanning the facial parameters of visitors. This parameters will verify the existing facial parameters. It will match and then it grants the authentication to the visitor.

This technology also combines with JustLook face recognition access control system to provide a number of features to your premises. It offers you full safety by installing the access control unit at the entrance and corridor of your premises. This technology includes server database system that will provide you the face verification system, SMS alerts, E-mail alerts, integration service and many applications to control limited access of sensitive area. It enables the users to set the person’s name as blacklisted visitor. By adding the person as restricted visitor, the security solution denies its permission and unable him to enter into your premises. It also sent alert message through sms or emails to the host at the time of arrival of blacklisted person. Also there are many variations in this alert application. The user can also set low alert priority or high alert priority based on their requirements.  Also red light alert or siren sound may buss if the restricted priority is high. It also includes deployment which consists of server license and client license.

Therefore such type of security solutions is designed to increase the security level at your premises. This will  provide  you number of ways to secure your building. It is one of the time and money saver techniques to make your building secure from strangers and intruders.