For every organization it is necessary to track the working hours of their employees. This will fulfill by using the biometric system which includes face recognition system, finger print reader, door lockers, etc. Apart from these face recognition is only system which do not have any drawback. It also contains visitor management system, access control system, time attendance system, etc. It works by capturing the facial features of every employee when any person comes in front of camera. After that the details are stored in computer database. When that employee visits again, then the system will detects facial features and initiate the matching process between the real images and stored one. If it gets completely match with the stored one, then it will grant the authentication otherwise denies.

The biometric face recognition time attendance used to track the timings of every employees entering and leaving from premises. The system similarly works like shown above. It records the presence-absence, overtime-under time, and shift timings, authorized and unauthorized leaves of every employee. According to the company’s admin department tracking the time attendance is most difficult task. This system plays an important role in every organization as it saves time and money both.

Earlier, people manage the time attendance by using pen, paper and register. There are many chances of cheating and changing or missing of employee’s detail. The major problem is storage of logs of register. But in this new technology nobody can cheat with the software and there is no chance of data loss as it is fully computerized system. It can be easily installed in any existing space and record the time of more than 8, 00, 000 employees per second. The best feature is it gives full security than manual data entry. Thus it is a trustworthy and reliable system. Furthermore it saves the time of your employees so that they can more concentrate on their work. This will result in expansion of your company.