In this era of latest technology, different types of security solutions are invented in the market. Finger prints, palm print, face recognition etc. And biometric face recognition is considered as the safest and fastest technology of security. It allows the users to customize the system in accord with their requirements. For recording time and attendance, accessing control and managing visitors, this system can be fully customized in accord with the necessities of the company.

Visitor Management System: this system is used to control the large number of visitors visiting the organizations on daily basis. Those organizations that are facing the huge waves of visitors need to install this system. It is a quite daunting task for the reception to record all the details as well as facial patterns of each visitor, but it is a very easy job for this system. It automatically detects the facial features of new visitors and easily enrolled the facial patterns of repeat visitors. It also enables the users to generate a regular report based on the statistics of number of visitors, concerned persons, appointments and staying hours. The users can also check the appointments and their confirmation with the help of its interesting features.

Face recognition access control systems: it is the most accurate system that is widely used for controlling unauthorized access of the company’s sensitive areas. It compares the facial features of person and compared it with its already stored database. It grants permission to access the secret area of the premises only if the person is added in its database, otherwise it denies the permission. It also allows the users to block the employee or person who are not allowed to view the area. It also alerts the authority at the time of arrival of any blacklisted employee or person. Access control systems are considered to be the one time investment for the company with no cost of maintenance. Thus, it also helps the company to maintain the cost of administration.