With the increasing threats of anti social activities, you cannot take the risk in terms of security. Nowadays many security systems have been invented in order to provide high level of security to numerous organizations. One of such technologies is JustLook face recognition access system which is widely used by millions of organizations across the world. This security solution is based on newly invented biometric technology that allows the users to scan complete face of a person including face structure, distance between both the eyes, and stains on face, distance between eyes and nose, retina scan and other features. This technology uses a camera that captured the facial features of the individuals and a scanner to scan the facial features and transfer it digital format.

It has numerous advantages which are described as under.

  • JustLook Facial recognition system completely depends on facial patterns of a person, which makes it highly reliable for an organization to protect its premise.
  • It is a maintenance free technology which allows the company to manage its cost and expenses. After installation, it only requires a simple maintenance of database. Without spending any cost you can easily add or remove the name of authenticated person by using simple software.
  • It has high speed scanning. You have to just look into camera and this technology will scan the facial features in few seconds. It takes only few minutes for authenticating hundreds of faces at the same time, which is very beneficial for visitor management.
  • It scans facial features in such a way that before you reach to the entrance, it will grant you the authentication. Therefore this technology can scan 100,000 faces per second. And due to its high speed scanning, it is widely used in the premises where a large number of people are passing through every minute.