As the crime rates increasing day by day, you need to care about your premises in terms of safety and security. There are many organizations which have been implemented and transformed to latest security system from the traditional/manual one. Nowadays, many security solutions have been invented by the experienced professionals. Among them biometrics is the one which gain huge popularity in the world. There are many systems which based on these system and they are finger print scanner, card reader, face recognition, etc. All of these systems have some disadvantages except JUSTLOOK face recognition system. It has fantastic applications like visitor management system, time attendance system and access control system. All of the above have combined with face recognition solution. Among them JUSTLOOK biometric visitor management solutions are widely used across the world. Generally it is used where the records of incoming and outgoing visitors are necessary like government and corporate offices, hospitals, airports, etc. This system works by scanning the facial parameters of visitors. The captured details will verify with the stored one. If it will match and then it grants the authentication otherwise denies.

This system includes a small device with high resolution camera, it require LAN connectivity, and server database system which will provide you SMS alerts, email alerts, integration services, features to track the numbers of visitors along with face verification. It offers you an excellent application of restricting unwanted visitor to enter inside your building. You can include the name of unwanted visitors in the list of blacklisted visitors. By doing this, an alert message sent through SMS or emails to the host at the time of arrival of that person. Also an alarm sounds on the arrival of highly restricted visitor. Thus, such type of security solutions is specially used to enhance the security level at your premises and make your building safe from strangers and criminals.