Almost all organizations in this world believe in tracking down the entry of their visitors. They want their premises safe from threats, crime and danger. Thus, many organizations have adopted the JustLook visitor management system in order to keep the track of visitors visit to the premises. It is one of the best security solutions to prevent the unauthorized visitors entering in the premises. This is not enough for those companies who have many competitors. It might be happen that your rival company sends a spy to keep an eye on your sensitive data and collect information regarding your product’s secrets or your important papers. Then, JustLook face recognition access control system brings you an excellent feature to prevent or control the access of those sensitive areas of your company from unwanted person. It is having door lock system with it so that until and unless an authorized person is not detected by the system, it will not open the door. So, it becomes very difficult for spy to collect important information from your premises. Both the system having their individual advantages and you can choose it as per your requirement.


Here, you have to just enroll the details of visitors which are captured by the camera attached with this system. This features are then stored into the database for future reference. When the visitor again visits to the premises, then he has to scan himself in front of camera for correct identification. If the system finds match, then it grants the authentication to enter the building otherwise it sends denial report. In the same you have to enroll the details of trustworthy persons whom you permit them to access the sensitive area. Then the system works in the same way as shown above. It will not grant the authentication to those who have not enrolled in the system. Thus, both of them are vital for every organization whether it is small or large and give accurate and efficient result regarding the safety of your premises.