While setting up new company or organization one should have to organize or manage number of things, whether it is small or large scale organization. In this era, many companies have realized the importance of security and safety of their premises. Among them, one of the vital security systems is biometric face recognition time attendance software. By installing this you can easily monitor the working hours of employees. They also have fear of their pending works and thus, they even more concentrate on their work whether passing the time. Therefore, JustLook biometric face recognition time attendance system plays a vital role in heightening the company’s productivity by keeping track of performance of the employees as how many hours they work per day and also helps in creating the work schedule per day and setting up the goals and objectives.


It helps in getting information to the departments of the organization regarding the presence, absence, leaves, under or over time, etc. of each employee. It also helps in managing the payroll system, annual budget, arranging the shift timings, etc. JustLook Face recognition system is the only way to accurately track in-coming and out-going timings of employee. It saves time in registering the employee’s data and storage space of keeping the log books for future references. It also saves money as it reduces the amount spend in store room, pen, paper, log book and salary of a person who monitors the data entry process. Therefore, it reduces the human effort and on the other hand it provides high accuracy and efficiency. These increases the whole range of business practices in terms of punctuality as well as security. Apart of these systems, many organizations are still using the manual system which provides the inaccurate information in spite of spending lot of money. There are many chances of data loss, proxy attendance and other troublesome problems. Thus, in this way it more effective and powerful tool which helps in increasing the overall business growth.