In earlier days, biometric system like finger print scanner, show card device, buddy punching, etc. exists in the world. But, they have number of disadvantages which gives inaccurate result in spite of installing it. Thus, number organizations have been benefited by the invention of JustLook face recognition system. It has no disadvantages and provides highly accurate result in terms of safety and security. All other biometric system has many advantages except face identification system. It is the one which is based on no human touch technology. It includes numerous advantages and one of them is that it holds very low cost of installation. It is the fastest security system than any other systems. It eliminates the problem of buddy punching as it is very advanced method. By the invention of these systems everything has been changed to fully automatic system. It is one of the cost effective way to secure your building with low maintenance cost.

JustLook Biometric face identification system is based on electronic and computerized system which means, during enrollment a person has to stand in front of the device. It captures the image through in build camera and stored electronically in the database of computer. When the person visits again, then he or she needs to stand in front of device so that it captures the real image and perform the matching process between the new facial pattern and the existing one. If it gets match then it will grant the permission to enter inside the premises. If it will not match, then the software restricts the person from entry. This manages the work of manual security guards and replaces the paper register system. Thus, it is more advantageous, then manual system. It is considered to be the king in the field of safety and security solutions. So, keep your worries aside by installing face recognition system.