In earlier days, facial recognition programs use to rely on 2d images only and nowadays, three- dimensional facial recognition have been invented and available in the market which uses sensors to capture information regarding facial features of individual. It is the best security systems which become popular due to its affordability and more accuracy. It has of the application known as JustLook face recognition access control system which helps in preventing the unwanted person from private areas or resources of the organization. It also helps in avoiding the risk of unusual tampering of your important data and thus, providing better security guard. It works by recording the facial characteristics of individual such as distance between eyes, mouth and nose and general shape of face based upon locations and proportions of cheekbones, nose, mouth and eye sockets as well as jaw lines. It allows the verification of different facial expressions such as smile, blink, etc. and at different angles, so that people by using masks or other props cannot be used to try to fool the system. For correct identification, one has to stand in front of camera for few seconds and resulting image is compared with the help of face recognition software to those images that have been previously recorded and stored into the database. If the system finds their facial nodes matched with each other, then it permits the authentication to access the private area otherwise denies.  


  • It is an inexpensive way of securing the building as it has low installation and maintenance cost.
  • It is unobtrusive and so that it can be used for surveillance, such as catching criminals on public place such as railway stations, airports, etc.
  •  It is especially effective when used in combination with other biometric methods (such as visitor management system) to improve verification and identification results, for even greater accuracy.
  • JustLook face identification system helps you to make your face as your password. It provides touch less and fast scanning system which seems to be keyless control system.