Biometric visitor management is one the most advanced forms of security systems installed at the premises of every government and corporate organizations. Thousands of large scale industries and corporate bodies widely depend on this system for controlling their large number of visitors. The system is getting more advanced with the invention of latest techniques, hardware and software. Day by day, new techniques and software have been invented that increase the usability and accessibility of the device. Here, we are going to discuss how JustLook biometric visitor management solutions work for providing extreme security at the premise.

We know that the solution is based on biometric JustLook facial recognition system which captures different facial parameters of the visitor. This technology allows the users to record all the minute patterns including the distance of the eyes, shape of jaw line, size of cheek bone, width of nose and many other facial features of every visitor. It not only captures the facial features, but also transforms them into a 3D graphic image for future verification. Thus, it provides extreme security along detailed information of each visitor entering the premise.

Along with its advanced algorithm of face recognition, it is compatible with high tech device like HD camera for capturing the facial features. The effective cameras installed at the premise capture every moment of the visitor from different perspectives. Thus, it provides high quality results to the users with no time. The only thing that this device need is a proper place of installation from where it can easily and effectively capture the faces of visitors.

Above algorithm and high tech hardware device, biometric visitor management solutions also need user friendly software for operating the system. The users can also add appointments for their different visitors. Also there is software which helps the user to restrict the entry of unwanted visitors. The users can also generate detailed report in a graphical form.

Thus, biometric visitor management solutions work on a complete blend of its highly reliable algorithm, advanced devices and user friendly software.