Biometric solutions are becoming the most important means of security for millions of organizations in the world. Nowadays, many corporate organizations, banks, government offices and large scale industries tend to install biometric security solutions at their premises in order to secure it from unwanted access or theft. Also, the security solutions are available in wide range of varieties including time attendance system, access control and visitor management. JustLook biometric face identification is the only one biometric solution which is compatible with the above mentioned three systems. It can be fully customized to cope up with the requirements of different security solutions and software.

If your company is in need of JustLook face recognition at your premise, then it is liable for the company get better results from this advanced system. It may happen that the device failed to capture facial features due to the exposure of sunlight or inefficient light. Besides this, the quality of the image may also be damaged if the camera is exposing to direct sunlight. You need to install the device in a proper direction at a sunlight proof indoor area for capturing the human faces with high accuracy. And for providing proper lightening at the indoor area, you can mount tube lights or lamps on the walls of the premises. Thus, this system needs good lighting conditions for providing high quality results.

Along with proper lightening conditions, it also requires Local Area Network (LAN) connectivity for capturing faces effectively. As the data captured by the device is stored in a computer database, it is necessary for the company to have proper LAN connectivity at their premises. In addition to all these important requirements, the company should also have sufficient power back up facilities. Thus, whenever power failure conditions may arise, this facility can help the organization to provide effective security solutions.

Hence, the company must need to implement the above mentioned requirements in order to get better and high quality results for securing the premise.