Today, a wide range of biometric security solutions are available in the market. If you want to control unwanted access of your premise, then you must need to install JustLook face recognition system at your premise. Face recognition technology is considered to be the top most biometric security solution these days. The technology gets even more reliable and advanced when it merged with access control system. Today, face recognition technology is playing a major role in controlling unauthorized access of any premise. Unlike other biometric security solutions, this solution provides high level of security with utmost accuracy. Thus, if you want to secure your premise completely, then it is advisable to install JustLook face recognition access system.

  • This technology requires camera for capturing the human faces of every person accessing the premise. Camera captures the facial patterns of every person and stores them in its computer database. This is called the registering process of the security solution.
  • After registering the facial patterns of an individual, the system transforms the entire image in to a specific code which ultimately becomes the identity of the person. The device as well as the users can also identify the person by using the provided code.
  • It allows entry of a person only after verifying its facial patterns. If the facial patterns do not match with its already stored database, then it restricts the entry of that person.
  • The system records different facial parameters of a person which are invariable with the changing time. Shape of jaw line, size of cheek bones, depth of eye sockets, and distance between eyes, shape and size of the nose are some of the most important facial features which remain constant with the passage of time.
  • So whenever a person visits the premise regularly or at a particular interval or after long time period, this security solution identifies the person accurately with the image already stored in its database.
  • Also, it is not possible for a person to spoof the system by wearing sunglasses, wig, beard or any other playful objects.