JustLook Biometric face identification is getting immense popularity these days. It is widely used in hundreds of corporate organizations, government sectors and industries for protecting their premises. This system is getting more advanced with respect to the inventions of latest applications and technologies. With the increasing usage of this system, it is necessary for the security solution providers like JustLook introduce different measurements as per the requirements of their clients. Different clients require different security measurements such as time attendance, access control, visitor management etc. Thus, by blending face recognition technology with these measurements, security solution providers offer different variations of this system. Lets us understand them in detail.


Face recognition time attendance: this system is a complete mix of face detection technology and time attendance. It is mostly used in small to large scale corporate organizations to record the punctuality of their employees. Each employee has to pass through this security system for recording his attendance, working hours and many other factors related to human resources. This technology can also account paid leaves, sick leaves, over time and under time of every employee.

Face recognition access control: for securing highly sensitive area, this technique is widely used across the world. Many government sectors and corporate organizations need to protect their secret data with the help of proper means of security. And access control through JustLook face recognition is the best way to protect their premises accurately. This technology grants permission only those employees who are registered with the application. The authority can also create the list of blacklisted employees who are not allowed to access their premises. This further increases the security level of the organization.

Face recognition visitor management: those organizations that are regularly facing a large wave of visitors need this system. It automatically detects new visitors and records it in its database and automatically identifies repeat visitors that are already stored in its records. The authority can also generate report of their visitors at regular time intervals. It also has different features that allow notification at the time of arrival of visitors, confirmation of their appointments and many others.