In this world of modern technology JustLook Visitor management system is only technique which is used worldwide to manage large number of visitors. It allows the administration department to know about every visitor visited their premises. It also enables the time the spent by each visitor inside the premises and many other details. Generally it is used where visitor’s record is necessary like government offices, hospitals, airports, etc. In this system face recognition is done by scanning the facial parameters of visitors. This parameters will verify the existing facial parameters. It will match and then it grants the authentication to the visitor.

This technology also combines with JustLook face recognition access control system to provide a number of features to your premises. It offers you full safety by installing the access control unit at the entrance and corridor of your premises. This technology includes server database system that will provide you the face verification system, SMS alerts, E-mail alerts, integration service and many applications to control limited access of sensitive area. It enables the users to set the person’s name as blacklisted visitor. By adding the person as restricted visitor, the security solution denies its permission and unable him to enter into your premises. It also sent alert message through sms or emails to the host at the time of arrival of blacklisted person. Also there are many variations in this alert application. The user can also set low alert priority or high alert priority based on their requirements.  Also red light alert or siren sound may buss if the restricted priority is high. It also includes deployment which consists of server license and client license.

Therefore such type of security solutions is designed to increase the security level at your premises. This will  provide  you number of ways to secure your building. It is one of the time and money saver techniques to make your building secure from strangers and intruders.